Majed Hussein Co. is the name for comfort, elegance and quality, in the field of Ballrooms and Tents construction, fabrication, erection and manufacturing. We are the best and well known for our consistent and reliable systems and ideas. The high degree of involvement and commitment by our prudent management team, capable administration staff and skillful employees are symptomatic for our clients success, besides our very own.

Our remarkable reputation guarantees the high quality of materials used with superb workmanship and most importantly our competitive costs. We are exemplary for the state of the art innovation with superb performance due to our attentive care and strict quality control. Our qualified management team and skillful workers are able to attain great satisfaction in meeting the high demands of our Clients. As a result of this achievement, our Clients also benefited in greater success.
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What We Offer?

We are able to offer you a complete professional package, with a world of ideas that are reliable and creative to meet your imagination. Our tailor-made Lubbad-Revoflex’s concepts, creative ideas, economical space solutions, transportation, punctual setup and dismantling of tents are “second to none”. Our products are fireproof and tested to conform to the strictest European and American Safety & Security Standards. We think it is important for us to let you know this and to guarantee the safety of your guests, customers and VIPs during the event. It is also wind resistant and stable. Great stability standard is our prime concern during its building construction. Our concepts, technologies and materials used in its foundations, anchoring positions and secure ground fixing ensure the solidity and stability.

Your event is most important to us as it is to you. You will appreciate our reliable efficient service with our valued expertise and you can surely count on us. Consequently, you can relax in the knowledge that we have many years of experience in this specialized business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Your guests, customers and VIPs will enter a world OD elegance with our streamline sophisticated designs that give an exclusive edge to your event. Our tents are stylish, elegant and impressive. Your guests, customers and VIPs will be impressed and leave with unforgettable memories.

Lubbad-Revoflex also gives you that freedom and flexibility to choose your locations and venues of your choice. Furthermore, best equipment, flooring, liners, decorations, lighting, air-conditioning, staging solutions, event supplies, individual and corporate Logos shall be well taken care by our professional teams for your first class event, with the true international flair and atmosphere that deserves the recognition in its professionalism of global event.

This particularly appealing space solution for e.g. events, sales and presentation areas, warehousing and workshops is ideally suitable both mobile and permanent usage.

The architecture of this revolutionary new element of LUBBAD large tent can no longer simply be compared with a conventional tent, since it displays the character of a modern construction with a particularly attractive roof structure.

The structure consists of an exterior supporting aluminium framework in a 5x5 m square grid- system. The roof covers are made of PVC-coated heavy - duty fabric.

With only a few central supports, the structure can cover several thousand square meters under one roof. When used as an exhibition hall, exhibitors can even build two - storey stands inside. The wall-covering consists of the LUBBAD large tent cassette wall system with hard PVC and glass elements. The LUBBAD large tent floor system can also be used.

Model Type 680
Eave height (m) 3.80
Roof structure height (m) 2.00
Total height (m) 5.80
Maximum width/ length (m) 60/100

LUBBAD - Revoflex in now also available is a two -storey version: LUBBAD - Revoflex Emporium. Its architecture cannot be compared with that of a conventional tent, because its character is that of a modern yet extremely appealing building. Firstly, the development into a two-storey design has not resulted in any changes to the base structure. With its 5x5 m grids and its eye-catching roof structure, it is ideal for both mobile and permanent uses. Events, sales and presentation rooms can be superbly integrated in the new two-storey version, which offers additional presentation areas, for example the space to ideal with larger numbers of visitors.

The elegant LUBBAD cassette flooring can be used for such occasion as well, As for the wall paneling, the LUBBAD large tent wall system with hard PVC elements and/or glass facades is an ideal solution and enables you to create an architectural masterpiece.

Model Type 680
Eave height (m) 6.44
Roof structure height (m) 2.00
Total height (m) 8.44
Maximum width/ length (m) 50/100

LUBBAD Revoflex Uses

  • An especially wide range of uses for the “revoflex”, such as a building canopy, sports, festival and storage hall, workshop, shopping area, exhibition hall, grandstand cover and many other space solutions
  • We love to push the boundaries of what is achievable inside a temporary event space. We are motivated to continually develop new ideas making all temporary structures unique. We believe that quality speaks for itself.
  • Chairs/Seating No matter what the occasion, we can provide chair rentals for your banquets, weddings, office parties, and conventions.
  • Industrial storage tents offer a lightweight aluminium frame with a tensioned membrane roof covering. Storage tent rental solves space bottleneck problems quickly and inexpensively. GENERATOR Compact, transportable power, wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Lubbad tent halls with annexes designed to meet requirements have been developed precisely for the requirements at trade fairs, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Lubbad offers the right tent solution for sports, festivals, celebrations and public events. The required high safety standards are a top priority for us.
  • Tents from Lubbad offer a particularly large variety of sizes, shapes and configuration options – both for single and two story temporary, portable structures. Providing cost-efficient, functional, safe and attractive venues.